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24/7 private group access

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24/7 private group access

monthly coaching calls

exclusive workbooks + exercises

mastermind membership

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24/7 private group access

monthly coaching calls

exclusive workbooks + exercises

mastermind membership

monthly 1-on-1 with Sarah

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I'm Sarah, and I use my love of social media + growing authentic online businesses to help my clients enhance their online presence.
Now, with the Social Solopreneur Club, you can access a top-notch social media training program at an affordable price – so there’s no excuse NOT to get social!
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Do you need a little TLC in the social media department?  

The Social Solopreneur Club is here to give you the guidance, support and expertise you've been craving.

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Monthly Workbooks

The monthly workbooks, lessons, and exercises help you develope vital social media skills and apply them to your monthly strategies.

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Meet, collaborate, and gain support from a group of like-minded, entrepreneurs who know what it takes to get to the top & want to see you succeed!

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Private Coaching

Gain infinite social media knowledge from Sarah Hansen in one on one sessions, where you'll create strategies tailored to your goals.

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What can you expect from the Social Solopreneur Club?

The Social Solopreneur Club is all about providing you with the expertise you need to grow your brand on social media and increase your influence + income.


Receive proven strategies + techniques to grow your platform that you can apply ASAP.

Be a part of a community of solopreneurs that want you to succeed.

Gain access to mastermind groups with like-minded go-getters + guest speakers.

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  • 24/7 private group access

  • monthly coaching calls
  • exclusive workbooks + exercises

  • mastermind membership

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Suzanne D.

"Sarah is very efficient and easy to work with."

Jan V.

"Sarah has excellent insight into what is most effective regarding social media content."

Abby H.

"Sarah has an innate ability to capture a brand message and express it clearly."

Have fun + grow your brand on social media with like-minded solopreneurs.


You don't have to be a social media guru or have 100k followers to hang in our clubhouse. The Social Solopreneur club is all about growing your social media knowledge in a fun community so your brand can thrive. Join us to gain expert insight and increase your influence. 


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